New England Franco-Route GeoTour: Visit Geocaching Sites

Are you ready to join the largest treasure hunt in the world?

Geocaching is a massive, modern day scavenger hunt for caches, or site-specific hidden objects. Nearly 4 million people are already part of the global Geocaching community, with caches in 191 countries and every continent! To join the New England Franco-Route GeoTour, you simply need to go to or download the Geocaching app, create an account, and start looking.

“The joy of discovery is real”

— Henry Taube

The Franco-Route is proud to offer a geotour of Franco-American cultural sites in 5 cities across New England. In addition to the traditional treasure hunt aspect of the geotour, our tour also teaches the historical significance of our cache sites in English and French. The Franco-Route’s Geotour is a fun and uniquely engaging educational experience for individuals, families, friends and classes of all ages. 

Join our geotour to discover not only hidden objects, but also the historical and cultural legacies of Franco-Americans in New England!

“Adventure is worthwhile”

— Amelia Earhart